for schools, clinics and services
Establish as an SAS Small Group Provider


Your school, clinic or service – no matter how big or small – can join the community of SAS Providers around the world that offer SAS options to families.

To become a provider of the evidence-based and award-winning SAS Small Group Program, there are two requirements:


Subscribe as an SAS Provider

Whether you are a sole trader, a large multi-site hospital or somewhere in between, there is an SAS subscription to suit your needs.

Plan ahead for bulk discounts or flexibly choose when and how you purchase Cadet Places.

Train your SAS team

With an evidence-based ratio of one SAS Facilitator minimum to every group of 3-4 children, at least one trained SAS Facilitator is required at each SAS Provider to offer the SAS Small Group Program.

You might also like to train SAS Assistants too!

SAS Implementation Guide

Looking for a step-by-step guide to establishing as an SAS Provider?

Read our comprehensive guide to the program content, exclusive online platform, provider subscriptions, professional training and service planning in preparation for becoming an SAS Provider.

Providing services with the SAS Computer Game Pack


The SAS Computer Game Pack is the between-session gamified learning component of the SAS Small Group Program, that has been made available as a stand-alone resource.

Professionals (or parents) can purchase immediate online access to SAS Digital HQ and a digital E-Telligence Pack anytime, unlocking a 12-month, single user licence. An option to renew for a further 12 months is then available for a fee.

It is recommended that children complete the games and extension practise activities under the guidance of a professional (or a professional coaching a parent) to support maximum learning and skill development.

The SAS Computer Game Pack can be utilised in the following ways:

Option 1

One child progresses through SAS Digital HQ from start to finish.

The child can assign their own 'Agent Name' and save their personalised E-Telligence Pack. An adult can access their progress report throughout.

The process of learning games, practising tasks, and using the E-Telligence Pack as visual reminders is designed to be completed with guidance by a professional.

The single-user license may then be renewed for the child to repeat or extend use if desired.

Option 2

Selected activities are used flexibly by clinicians or educators to assist children with specific skill goals when the whole suite of SAS skills is not needed.

Specific activities within SAS Digitial HQ can be targeted and completed as a complement to one-on-one or group sessions.

This option can be utilitised with one SAS Computer Game Pack per child including family access between sessions and individual progress reporting. Alternatively, activities within SAS Digital HQ can be used with multiple children, where children refer back to the games between sessions. This option does not support individual progress reporting.

Option 3

Clinics or schools purchase the SAS Computer Game Pack to display the games on a large screen as a group activity in a classroom or group of children.

The gamified learning may be used as a demonstration or a whole-group contribution to choices made on the communal screen.

This option does not allow for personal profile or individual progress reporting. The 12-month licence may be renewed as needed for continued use by the professional.