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Secret Agent Society Options


Since first developed more than a decade ago, a variety of different Secret Agent Society resources have been made available to professionals, schools and families to support children’s social-emotional development.

These resources and the SAS program content are continuously evolving to respond to the expanding evidence base and community needs.

There are currently two SAS options available:

  1. SAS Small Group Program
  2. SAS Computer Game Pack

Both options can be complemented with the optional E-Telligence Pack.

It is recommended that parents speak with their child’s clinician or educator to discuss which SAS option best suits their child’s needs and goals.


SAS Small Group Program

The award-winning and evidence-based months-long program involves educational computer games, regular Cadet Club Meetings, Parent Groups Meetings and teacher information guided by a trained SAS Facilitator.

As the comprehensive SAS option, each small group includes a maximum of 3-4 children per Facilitator. The skills and tools learnt during sessions are practiced in real-life missions paired with a Skill Tracker used to reward skill development at home and school. 

SAS Computer Game Pack

The between-session gamified learning element of the SAS Small Group Program that is available as a stand-alone resource.

Purchasing the SAS Computer Game Pack provides access to SAS Digital Headquarters for one user for 12 months, where children complete the multi-level gamified learning or professionals guide selected use to target specific skill areas. A guide for parents or professionals is included to ensure professionals and families get the most out of the resource.


The SAS framework and resources support children to understand the social needs, preferences and goals of a range of different people around them, and to explore and communicate their own social needs, preferences and goals to others.

SAS provides one component of a whole-of-community learning suite. To expand inclusive learning, it is intended that SAS is paired in parallel with complementary tools or approaches that build awareness and understanding in others of diverse, a-typical social and emotional experiences.


Optional E-Telligence Pack

This supporting resource is an optional, physical addition available to complement the digitised gadgets and codes collected through the SAS Computer Game and SAS Small Group Program.

The pack includes physical versions of the Skill Code cards, Relaxation Gadget cards, Emotionometers (and their stickers) as well as a card holder.