Gamified Learning
SAS Computer Game Pack


The SAS Computer Game Pack is a stand-alone resource available for professionals and families to access some SAS content in a flexible way.

The SAS Computer Game Pack features a single user 12-month access to SAS Digital Headquarters, where children complete gamified learning activities. The pack includes a step-by-step guide to help parents and professionals get the most out of the award-winning resource.


Purchase the SAS Computer Game Pack

to use at home, school or clinic.

Four levels of fun

SAS Digital HQ offers four levels of gamified learning, covering emotional recognition, emotion regulation, and applied social skills within choose-your-own-adventure exploration missions.

As the levels progress, espionage-themed tools and resources are unlocked to create a digital E-Telligence Pack.

A guide is included to help parents and professionals get the most out of the flexible SAS Computer Game Pack. 

A year of game play

Purchasing the SAS Computer Game Pack provides immediate access to play and learn online, including a single-user licence valid for 12 months. The option to renew is then available for a fee.

The web-based platform does not require any software or applications to be installed or downloaded. 

Flexible and Effective

The SAS Computer Game Pack has demonstrated positive outcomes for children when used in conjunction with a trained professional.

The pack can be used in a school, clinic or home as a whole sequence of learning or by selecting games and tools that align with particular identified skills.

Monitor and produce a report outlining the child’s game play and quiz progress!

Four Skills in Four Levels

Level 1

Learning clues that signal how other people feel from facial expressions, body posture, and voice pitch, pace and volume.

Games include: Spot the Suspect, Eyewitness Recall, The Line Up, and Voice Verification

Level 2

Detecting the nature and strength of own emotions and piecing together non-verbal and situational clues to detect others’ feelings during social interactions. 

Games include: Detective Laboratory, Degrees of Delight and Distress, and Secret Agent Viewing Panel

Level 3

Exploring four animated choose-your-own-adventure missions that demonstrate the benefits of using strategies to stay calm and interact with others when faced with social-emotional challenges.

Games include: Crime at the Cathedral, Detective Flight Challenge, Murder at Earnshaw Manor, and Secret of the Schoolyard Ghost

Level 4

Complete a self-reflection quiz that assesses the child's own self-awareness and desire to learn more.

Watch your fellow animated Cadet graduate as a Secret Agent!

Extra Features

Scene Generator to help children to communicate visually and record visual reflections and plan their own social interactions

Interactive Quizzes to test understanding and track progress

Missions that help children apply skills from the game to real life